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    i) You’ll see him. His eyes will twinkle like stardust and his skin will radiate concentrated sunshine. His light will pull you in like moths to a bug zapper. Your eyes will be fixated on him, like if you look away you just might miss something. You won’t want to look away. You won’t want to be without him for even a second. His gaze will meet yours, and all of a sudden everything around you fades to black except for him. Your head will dizzy with the smell of his skin, acting as a sedative. And before you know it, you’ll walk over love-drunken and slur out letters, hoping it forms the words ‘hi, my name is: ________.’

    ii) He’ll smile. As if he weren’t light enough in itself his face will beam with a biluminosity like a raging fire. It will burn to look at him when he’s smiling, but once again, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of him. He’ll move in slow motion— you will see every blink and movement as if it were traveling at half-speed. You’ll watch the end of his lips curl up in a smirk, creating three parenthesis that you’ll want to trace your finger across.

    iii) He’ll speak. His voice will sound of the most melodious song and it will wrap around your eardrums like silk. The gentle hum of the vibration of his vocal cords will place you in a light hypnotic trance, lulling your soul into blissful serenity. You won’t even be able to make out all of the words he’s saying, but you know that they’re beautiful. He is beautiful.

    iv) He’ll kiss you. All of a sudden everything inside of you is on fire— but it is a fire you’ll never want to put out. The warmth, the light, the liveliness of his lips touching yours is pure, raw, passion. His hand is around the back of your neck and you feel that if he wasn’t holding you up with his fingertips, that you’d collapse, because his kiss is both breathing life into your soul and sucking it all out. You will be weak in the knees, but your soul will be stronger than ever. The taste of his mouth will stay on your tongue forever. He will pull away, look you right in the eyes, and you will finally say, ‘this is home. I am home’

    And you’re hooked forever.

    — Alexis H., what it’s like to fall in love with him (via lostsoulstravelhere)
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    I’m recently single… and I’m falling in love. Not with a person, or place, or some love sent from above.

    I’m falling in love with life and it’s beauty, looking past the pain and the simple daily duties.

    I’m falling in love with the sun and the moon, the way the thunderstorms rumble with gloom.

    I’m falling in love with smiles and laughter, even when life around me seems a disaster.

    I’m falling in love with the flowers that bloom, the sounds of the night that summer is coming soon.

    I’m falling in love with the idea of love itself, not the one that left my heart on a shelf.

    I’m finding my passion, my heart, my soul. It gives me the courage to stand and be bold.

    To fall for strangers and take leaps of faith, it’s my beautiful life and my mistakes to make.

    See the world tries to tell you that you can only love one. That you need that one to keep from coming undone. But you can find love everywhere, in all things. And when you do… that’s when your heart truly sings.

    —  Falling In Love by Raelynn Marie (via 9trunks-ofpenguins)
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    Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall.

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